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Rewards ProgramUpdated a year ago

Do you Offer a Rewards Program? How Does it Work?

We offer a rewards program to thank our customers for their loyalty and support and give them a chance to earn discounts and rewards. Below we have provided a step by step guide on creating a rewards account all the way to redeeming those rewards at checkout. 

Still have questions? Our customer support is available to assist you! Call our toll free number: 1-866-762-9238 or reach us via email at [email protected] 

How Do I Create an Account for Rewards?

To set up the rewards program, open our website, www.enerhealthbotanicals.com and navigate to the login area in the top right hand corner of the screen. Create an account or login. If creating an account you will be sent an email to verify the account, follow the instructions on the email and then go back to the website.

On the homepage of the website, scroll down to the bottom left corner of the screen and click on the yellow circle with the "e+" in it.

 After you click on the symbol, a small box will pop up on the screen and prompt you to sign in once more, using the same sign in information as you to login to the website. 

IMPORTANT: Once you sign in, you must go check your email, including junk and spam, for an email containing a sign-in link. Click the yellow button that says "Show me my rewards!" this will automatically redirect you back to the website, signing you into the rewards program. From here, you will be able to view your rewards account. 

How Do I See How Many Points I Have? 

Once you return back to the website from your email, you will have access to your points. This is where you can see your total amount of points. 

How Do I Earn Points?

The main way to earn points is by spending money on our website. But there are several other ways to earn points such as referring a friend or following us on social media. To find additional ways, click on "Ways to earn". To earn these points, press the yellow button and carry out the action.  

How Do I View/ Redeem My Rewards?

To view your available rewards, click on "Your rewards".

To redeem a reward, click on the "Ways to redeem". If you have enough points to redeem the reward, it will show you a yellow button that says "Redeem". Click on this button to redeem your points for a reward! If you do not have enough points for a reward, the yellow "Redeem" button will not show up on the screen.

*Redeeming the reward does not mean it will be automatically applied at purchase. You must copy and paste the discount code at checkout at the time of purchase. Read the next section to learn more. 

How Do I Use My Rewards?

To view your available rewards, click on "Your rewards". It will take you to a screen with all of your redeemed rewards. 

To apply your reward you can either click the copy icon next to the discount code or you can click the yellow "Apply code" button.

In order to apply your rewards to a purchase, you must purchase via the website. Check out like you normally would until you get to the check out screen. Below the product will be a space that says "discount code". Paste the copied discount code from your rewards into the boxed area and click apply. 

Once the code has been applied, the screen should look like this. From here, continue checking out as normal! 

Can I Earn Points By Referring Others? 

Yes, referring friends and family is a great way to earn points and rewards. Navigate to "Refer your friends". To refer your friends, you will need to share the URL provided.

Click the copy icon next to the URL to send your friends a $5 off reward coupon to use on our website and earn points for their referral. Once you click the copy icon button to copy the URL, you can easily share it via Facebook, Twitter, or Email by clicking on the desired icon below. 

You can also instantly share the URL through Facebook, Twitter, or Email by pressing on the icons below the URL. 

Once you click the copy icon button to copy the url, you can easily share it via Facebook, Twitter, or Email by clicking on the desired icon below. 

How Can I Keep Track of My Reward Activity?

Keep track of all of your points, referrals and activity by scrolling to the bottom of the rewards program pop up until you see "Your activity".   

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